Anesthetic & Surgical Veterinary Technician

Charlotte, NC

Pay Range: $17 - $22 per hour depending on experience/licensure

Position Summary:  Veterinary Technicians work closely with our veterinarians and assist them throughout the day with patients and cases. They provide nursing care to our anesthetic patients through surgical prep, monitoring, and recovery. Ensure each pet receives all doctor recommendations correctly and in an efficient and timely manner.

Position Duties and Responsibilities:

Provide Patient Care:

  • Care and provide treatment for all surgical, dental, and anesthetic cases as ordered by veterinarians.
  • Be affectionate with pets.
  • Ensure pets are clean and comfortable.
  • Obtain and record patient case histories.
  • Review orders and treatments to ensure accuracy and completeness.
  • Monitor pets while under anesthesia.
  • Assist veterinarian before, during, and after surgical procedures.
  • Perform dental cleanings.

Perform Diagnostics

  • Take radiographs as requested by veterinarian.
  • Collect specimens and perform lab work as needed. Properly handle and store samples.
  • Use lab equipment properly.
  • Draw blood proficiently and safely.
  • Package blood work properly.

Provide Client Service

  • Welcome clients and patients to the practice and provide for their comfort while they are in the practice. This includes greeting clients warmly, using their name and the pet’s name, showing them to a clean exam room, etc.
  • Help with client phone calls, including medical questions and owners checking the status of anesthetic patients.
  • Communicate to clients any updates on patient status.
  • Handle emergency situations, remaining calm while showing empathy and compassion.
  • Enter information into medical records thoroughly.
  • Respond to client questions, whether via phone or in person.
  • Supervise client visits with patients.
  • Perform general maintenance on anesthetic equipment as requested. Report any maintenance issues to the floor leader/manager.

Support DVMs & Team Members

  • Prepare animals, instruments, and equipment for surgery.
  • Maintain general organization and cleanliness of the surgical and dental suites.
  • Stock supplies.
  • Assist in diagnostic, medical, dental, and surgical procedures.
  • Complete charges and ensure invoice accuracy for all surgical and dental patients.
  • Oversee that duties of other team members are completed.
  • Update patient medical records.
  • Ensure all members assisting with radiographs have proper protective gear.
  • Oversee and train new team members as directed by Department Manager.

Perform any additional tasks as needed by the Department Manager, veterinarian, or any other member of the management team.

Performance Measurements:  Performance will be evaluated at the end of the initial 90 day probationary period. Performance will also be assessed after the completion of six months of employment as well as annually from the date of hire. Performance will be evaluated based upon the following:  attendance, punctuality, dependability, job performance, client care, teamwork, and progress of job knowledge.

Working Conditions:  Veterinary Technicians must be able to be on their feet for long periods of time.  Work often exposes Veterinary Technicians to extreme weather conditions, slippery floors, unpleasant odors, and excessive noises.  May be exposed to bites, scratches, aggressive pets, fleas and ticks, parasites and animal waste; may also be exposed to hazardous chemicals, allergens, contagious diseases and blood borne pathogens

Physical Requirements: Veterinary Technicians must be capable of handling small and large animals and to control pets without risk of harm to themselves, other employees, clients, or the pet. Must be able to lift up to 60 pounds. Work often requires repeated bending, lifting, reaching, squatting and standing and sitting for long periods of time as well as general ergonomic risks.

Tools, Equipment, and Job Aids:  Technicians must be willing and able to use the following: ECG, blood pressure instrument, anesthesia machines, x-ray equipment, Life Window, fluid pump, dental equipment, Autoclave, suction machines, laser, SPO2 monitor, defibrillator, Idexx lab equipment, computer, general office equipment.

Minimum Position Qualifications:

  • Education:  Completion of a two or four year AVMA accredited program with an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in veterinary technology, animal health, or animal science preferred
  • Experience:  At least 1 year prior experience is preferred for Registered Veterinary Technicians but not required. Emergency experience a plus. Experienced non-licensed technicians will be considered.
  • Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
    • Considerable tact and diplomacy is required for personal interactions with visitors, other staff members, and clients affected by a variety of issues.
    • Written communication skills and knowledge of the spelling and meaning of commonly used terminology.
    • Basic computer skills required.
    • Ability to safely and competently operate equipment pertinent to carrying out their duties, including but not limited to laboratory equipment, anesthesia, and dental equipment, and x-ray equipment.
    • Identify physical symptoms or medical problems, read medical instruments, and follow handwritten instructions
    • Able to read, analyze and interpret medical files and understand medical terminology
    • Work energetically for the entire assigned shift, sometimes exceeding 10 hours per day
    • Respond and quickly react to frequent auditory signals, warnings, or communication from other staff, animals or medical equipment
    • Ability to read pet body language and use in controlling/handling individual animal temperament. 
    • Have ability to gain animal confidence when restraining them for transport, boarding, or treatment.
    • reading, writing, ability to count, mathematical ability
    • Stress management in emergency/stressful situations
    • Organizational ability and problem solving
    • Ability to work on a team
    • Knowledge and application of medical procedures, including but not limited to: anesthesia, surgery,  dentistry, radiology
    • Maintain confidentiality of information pertaining to patients, clients, hospital business, and team members
  • Certifications/Licenses:
    • Certification as a Registered Veterinary Technician preferred but not required.

Availability Needs:  Veterinary Technicians must be available between 7:00am-6:00pm Monday through Friday. Full time and part time position availability requirements may vary.

Reports To:  Department Manager

Positions Supervised: Veterinary Assistants in absence of Department Manager

Background Checks:  Employment in this position is contingent upon successfully passing a background and criminal history check.

Drug Tests:  Animal Medical Hospital is a Drug Free Workplace.  All potential employees must submit and pass a pre-placement drug test.